Stretch Wall

Stretch Wall

As we have moved into the New Millennium, we have begun to think outside the square. Interior Architecture has seen an increased use of fabrics to accomplish an ever-widening array of design goals.

The innovative design of face applied stretch fabric technology surfaced in 1986. The tools were at hand for this truly creative use of fabrics in Interior Architecture. Using this technology your design can be laid out on a wall or a ceiling then framed with a variety of PVC extrusions. A substrate, most often designed for a specific solution, is filled in between the extrusions. Your chosen fabric is stretched across the wall and tucked into the extrusions with these tools. Because each midwall seam uses the same extrusions the fit and finish are exceptional.

There are no limitations to your design dream. The professional ability to create unique ideas in Interior Architecture is our specialty. Let Integrated Interiors help you move into the future.

  • Stretched Fabric Panel System: Shall be site-fabricated consisting of continuous perimeter and mid-wall mounting tracks fastened directly to the substrate. Face fabric, specified by designer and approved by Integrated Interiors, is inserted into the mounting track and stretched across the core material to the adjacent mounting tracks. The fabric then is finished tucked to form a panel, which can be removed individually for repair or re-modeling at a later time.
  • Product: “Stretch Fabric Panel System” supplied and installed by Integrated Interiors Inc. (586) 756-4840.

    The “System” shall consist of:

    • Track – “Whisper Wall’s” brand PVC track, profile #1120 Perimeter Square & #1130 Midwall
    • Acoustical / Tackable Core – 20 PCF tackable face adhered to a 6 PCF rigid fiberglass core, and then cut to a 2” thickness. This panel configuration has an NRC of .85.
      • Fabric – Knoll Textiles Heavy Metal W5393 Golden Nugget (Same fabric as Acoustical Wall Panel samples)
    • The system shall meet ASTME84, Class A, for flame spread and smoke.
  • Pre-wrapped Panels, glue on fabric or snap together track does not meet this specification.