The most important part of a fabric-covered acoustic or tack panel is the fabric. We take this very serious here at Integrated Interiors; therefore we must approve the fabrics used in our products. The criteria we use to make these judgments are as follows:

  • Opacity
  • Acoustic Transparency (for acoustic panels)
  • Hand (workability)
  • Fiber Content

The last criteria Fiber content is the one we follow most closely, because the type of fiber directly affects performance.

  • Polyester, Polyolefin, Acrylic, and Polypropylene are stable fibers. These can be used in flat panels that are done in either factory manufactured or stretch fabric installations.
  • Nylon, Rayon, Viscose, are hydrophilic, expand and extract with fluctuations in ambient atmospheric moisture levels.
  • Hydrophilic fibers can be used in stretch fabric systems if they are upholstered with various thicknesses of Dacron upholstery filler.

Most natural fibers must be tested for acceptability in stretched fabric systems and factory manufactured panels. With our experience, we can help you avoid the pitfalls of fabric misapplications.