LCS Liquid Chalk Porcelain Enamel Writing Surface

  • Porcelain enamel finish on 24 gauge steel.
  • Core: ½” thick particle board
  • Backing Sheet: 0.005” thick aluminum foil


  • Integrated Interiors Inc. (586) 756-4840

Trim and Accessories

  • General: Fabricate frames and trim of not less than 0.062” thick aluminum alloy, size as shown to suit type of installation. Provide straight single length units wherever possible and keep joints to minimum. Miter corner to a neat, hairline closure. Furnish exposed aluminum trim, accessories, and fasteners with satin anodized finish AA-M31A31, unless otherwise indicated.
    • Except as otherwise indicated, provide manufacturer’s standard “narrow trim units, approximately ½” wide.
    • When structural support accessories are required for markerboards in addition to normal trim, provide such additional support or modify trim as required to provide necessary support.
  • Chalktrough: Furnish continuous aluminum chalktrough for each markerboard unless otherwise indicated as follows:
    • Solid extrusions, manufacturer’s standard ribbed section.


  • Installer must examine the areas and conditions under which units are to be installed and notify the contractor, in writing, of conditions detrimental to the proper and timely completion of the work.


  • Install boards in locations and mounting heights as shown on the drawings and in accordance
    with the manufacturer’s instructions. Provide all grounds, clips, backing materials, brackets,
    and anchors for a complete installation.
  • Deliver factory built markerboard unit completely assembled in one piece without joints,
    whenever possible. Where dimensions exceed panel size, provide 2 or more pieces of equal length, as acceptable to the architect. When overall dimensions require delivery in separate units, prefit at the factory, disassemble for delivery, and make final joints at site. Use splines at joints to maintain surface alignment and smooth joints.
  • Install units with concealed hangers plumb and level, in accordance with the manufacturer’s printed instructions.
  • Coordinate job-assembled units with grounds, trim, and accessories. Join all parts with neat, precision fit.