About Us

Integrated Interiors, Inc. is a visionary company propelling from the grass roots forward. Our background includes thirty years of working the “Sound Absorption” industry. Turning our knowledge into benefits that will meet your needs. Our reputation of top-notch associates produce a team focused on a quality first mission.

We are a provider of interior products and services. Total package responsibility is a reality with us. Shaping your environment, balancing both economical and ethical options set us apart. Your color choices can design a portrait of surrounding blends.

Customer Satisfaction starts with customer service. Integrated Interiors, Inc. warranties home and office solutions for sound acoustics.


  • Sound Curtain Acoustical Panels and Baffles manufactured on location.
  • Field measurement staff.
  • Infinity demountable office partitions with floor to ceiling glass.
  • Stretch Wall techniques that add curves, dimensions, and textures to what you can imagine.
  • Installation options.
  • Quality ISO 9002 Certified